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BCT GmbH was founded in 1986. The Centre for Production Technology provides an optimal high-tech environment for BCT. A team of highly qualified engineers, computer specialists, mathematicians and application experts are responsible for R & D, service, training and consulting at BCT. BCT is an SME company and specialises in adaptive machining technologies for repair and manufacturing of high-valued parts as well as productive reverse engineering technologies and in-process-measuring solutions for high-end workshop applications. BCT has many years of experience in this area and cooperates closely with end users as well as with manufacturers of machinery, control equipment, sensors and CAD/CAM systems. The core know-how of BCT is in the automated, high-throughput, single-batch/small-series additive/subtractive rapid-processing of individually shaped parts. BCT has an excellent reputation in critical and sensitive industries such as medical, aerospace and power generation.