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Frederick Research Center

The Frederick University is a leading non-profit research and teaching organisation in Cyprus. The University operates in a privately owned building, contemporary lab infrastructure and a library with access to scientific journals. Its members of academic staff are highly qualified, have long standing experience in the implementation of independent and high quality research and have created an extensive and rich publication record. The Frederick University was newly established in 2007. The FUC through its Research Centre (FRC) stands to offer consulting services to individuals, business, organisations and the government, to coordinate and participate in research projects and to establish collaborations with other national and international research centre and universities for promoting research. The research groups of the mechanical engineering disciplines of the FUC have played a leading role in executing research activities and have carried out numerous national and international research projects in the past years. The Department of Mechanical Engineering also possesses a laboratory which has been recently established. It is equipped with mechanical testing devices and a modern CNC machine for material processing and manufacturing. Furthermore, a computer cluster enables the high performance computation of engineering problems by means of computer aided methods and finite element analysis. The related research team is also specialised in the use of modern CAD/CAE/CAM tools, Rapid Prototyping, etc.