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Lortek Research Centre

LORTEK is Research Centre in the field of Materials and Joining Technologies that belongs to the Basque Net of Science, Technology and Innovation, having the status of "CIT" (Technological Centre) by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and also being a member of FEDIT (the Spanish Federation of Technological Centres). LORTEK has a LASER Processing Department which works in different fields of laser applications: welding, cladding, surface treatments, surface modification and direct manufacturing - SLM and LMD. The laser department has considerable experience in participating in different laser projects related to welding (application in different aeronautic alloys, on-line welding quality control, component welding, design and manufacture of large laser welding tools…), LMD (in aeronautic components, plastic and aluminium injection moulding, integration in machine tools, surface improvements and repairing of high value components, RM (metallic implants, new designs and applications, comparative studies related to conventional man. Processes…), surface modification (metallic surfaces polishing), surface treatments (integration in machine tools, nitriding of an intermetallic alloys…).