Partner Profile

WSK "PZL-Rzeszów" S.A.

WSK "PZL-Rzeszów" S.A. (Transport Equipment Enterprise S.A.) - is a company with over 70 years tradition in the aviation and machine building industries. The company has approximately 3800 employees.

WSK consists of the following main divisions:

  • Aviation Business Unit. Production program includes aviation engines, helicopter gearboxes and aviation components. Aviation components include: gas generators, exhausts, heat sheets, gears, shafts, carries, casings, housings, turbine and compressor blades, guide vanes, tubes and other aviation components.
  • Service Business Unit. Overhaul of engine assemblies and parts.
  • Casting Business Unit. Investment casting of rotors and blades.
  • Tooling Business Unit. Tooling and specialist cutting tools.

The core skills of WSK are the design, manufacture and development of aviation engines, helicopter gearboxes, components, castings. This also includes maintenance, repair and overhaul of power plant for both commercial and military applications.